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July 24-31 Global Online Startup Hackathon
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HackVenture is hosting a week-long virtual startup hackathon where participants will have the chance to make their own tech product that they can pitch to get investments and awards by companies and venture capitalists. Here at HackVenture, our goal is to make sure that all revolutionary projects have the chance to grow and prosper in a way that encourages creativity and innovation. During this week, HackVenture will not only act as a hackathon, but also an accelerator where hackers can make their project into potential products. Participants will also have the chance to listen to a plethora of talks by successful people in the industry, and connect with like-minded individuals. At the end of the event, participants will have the opportunity to pitch to a panel of judges about their venture, giving them the chance to win awards and potential investments.
+ What's a HackVenture hackathon like? A HackVenture hackathon is different from a normal hackathon because participants will create a product all in a week that they will pitch to potential investors. Participants begin with an idea and make it to a full-fledged product. + How do I apply? Click the registration button above! We’re looking for students with a broad variety of interests and backgrounds who are excited about building crazy things and learning in the process. Being a developer is not necessary to participate, as there are many other skills that are necessary to thrive in this event!

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+ When and where is HackVenture? HackVenture will be held on July 24-31st. Due to the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, the event will be hosted online. + Who can join? HackVenture is open to people all over the world! You must be a high school student or a college student to attend. + Do you have other rules? Yes, we follow the major league hacking code of conduct. + What if I have other questions? Feel free to ask us a question in the "Contact Us" form or email us at contact@thehackventure.com.